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Chat: Dominar Rygel XVI

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Chat: Dominar Rygel XVI

Subject(s): Dominar Rygel XVI, Hynerian
Dated: February 17, 2000
Source: SciFi.com


Moderator: We are now in moderated mode.
Moderator: That'ts because we've just been joined by Rygel.
Moderator: Greetings and welcome. We are greatly honored to chat tonight with Dominar (in exile) Rygel XVI.
Moderator: We've undertaken tremendous measures to bring his Eminence here tonight for what we believe is his first chat in our solor system (or what we like to call "The Charted Territories"), so please show all due respect and the deference deserved by one of his, um, stature.
Moderator: Rygel, do you have any opening remarks for the group?

Rygel: are they chanting my name

Moderator: they are flooding me with question.

Rygel: good lets get it over with

Moderator: oooky then...
Moderator: <Qarc> to <Moderator>: Your Highness, please look down, and describe to us exactly WHAT you see?

Rygel: a stack of money bigger than youll ever see

Moderator: Rygel, are you ready for the next question?
Moderator: You need to signal us...

Rygel: next

Moderator: <webspider> to <Moderator>: does his highness have anything to say to those who worship HIM, but cannot see him, except for on the TV

Rygel: should you see me in the flesh
Rygel: you lose your eyes
Rygel: next

Moderator: <StarAnne> to <Moderator>: Rygel, who is your favorite character on Farscape other than yourself?

Rygel: who else is on farscape
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Releven> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, Your supjects are all wondring if you have a "thing" with Chiana?

Rygel: yes ive got a thing
Rygel: next

Moderator: Rygel, would you mind typing punctuation? It makes it easier for us to read.

Rygel: gimme a bigger keyboard
Rygel: these keys are too small
Rygel: and ive got better things to do
Rygel: next

Moderator: <zam1> to <Moderator>: Does his highness have an urge of any sort to visit Earth?

Rygel: ive met crichton
Rygel: no
Rygel: next

Moderator: <AMuse> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, it has been suggested among your fans that your bravado and egocentrism is just an act and that you have all your shipmates best interests at heart. Is this so?

Rygel: amuse
Rygel: i like you
Rygel: i read your stuff on the web
Rygel: ive got my best interests at heart
Rygel: just as you would have yours
Rygel: if the others get in the way and reap some benefit
Rygel: then i should get a share
Rygel: next

Moderator: <tigerquill> to <Moderator>: Is it possible that we'll be seeing a little more compassion out of that lothesome little grey slime-like carcass in the future?

Rygel: i cant speak for pilot
Rygel: next

Moderator: <gubber> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, how could your cousin get the best of you?

Rygel: like im gonna answer a question from a gubber
Rygel: okay
Rygel: okay
Rygel: i was busy with a female
Rygel: some females
Rygel: anyway next

Moderator: <JTMarechal> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, thank you for gracing us with your presence. I have only one question for you as you are one of the finest connoisseurs in the universe: What does Aeryn Sun taste like?

Rygel: terrible
Rygel: i swallowed to make a point
Rygel: next

Moderator: <QuietI> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, I am overcome with awe, here in your cyber-presence. Please confirm for Soju and various others that it was, in fact, your TAIL that we saw while you were bathing in Crais's quarters.

Rygel: im embarrassed that you saw that
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: Rygel: you told Zhann during the DNAMS adventure that you were not a body-breeder; recently you bragged to Chiana about all your progeny. Can you explain the remarks to Zhaan please?

Rygel: i dont bear the litter
Rygel: i like the females
Rygel: next

Moderator: <ceallaig> to <Moderator>: Moderator, please inform His Supreme Eminence that QuietI, leader of the Royal Hynerian Guard, went far above and beyond the call of duty to be with her Dominar tonight -- she broke two toes....

Rygel: quieti is someone i like
Rygel: i read her thoughts
Rygel: she would be a titled governance minister on hynerias
Rygel: royal planet should i return to power
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator>: Oh Great Dominar -- do you feel at all slighted by the fact that Toy Vault has created action figures of your fellow shipmates, but not one for you? (Complete with miniature battery-operated throne, of course)?

Rygel: action figures for those of inaction
Rygel: ridiculous
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Lark> to <Moderator>: Rygel--In the final episode of season one you betrayed the crew. Given that you and the crew were getting along, this was somewhat out of character. Can you explain this lapse?

Rygel: whos dead
Rygel: whos alive
Rygel: you think you gotta know everything
Rygel: sometimes smart leaders do things the followers
Rygel: cant fathom until they realize later
Rygel: hey im still alive
Rygel: he must have done something right
Rygel: no credit
Rygel: never any credit
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Chiana> to <Moderator>: Are you bored your highness?

Rygel: now
Rygel: yes
Rygel: next

Moderator: <QuinnPrime> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, do you believe that you have a strong chance of returning home and regaining power, considering the complete incompetency of your fellew "captives" as it were?

Rygel: i will get home
Rygel: they will get what they deserve
Rygel: anyway whats more important
Rygel: to get a blue assed chanter back to make more chants
Rygel: or return a leader to his followers
Rygel: next

Moderator: <gizmo-goddard> to <Moderator>: As the biochemist in the room, just how do you make HELIUM? I mean it's an inert gas and all...strange body chemistry or do you just keep some on the side for special occasions?

Rygel: bend low and ill show you
Rygel: next

Moderator: <chianastoy> to <Moderator>: are you always this rude? the conversations with the other actors never were quite this rude i do not think i will stay for this chat thank you

Rygel: youve talked to the other actors
Rygel: what did they have to say about me
Rygel: and im not rude
Rygel: im me
Rygel: youre hearing what you want to hear
Rygel: next

Moderator: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator>: Rygel, How did you receive your diplomatic skills? Were you trained or does it come naturally to you?

Rygel: trained by my father
Rygel: after a great many cycles
Rygel: he challenged me to a test to see if i had learned well
Rygel: he was very surprised to be thrown into prison
Rygel: next

Moderator: <smushybutt> to <Moderator>: Your Sparkyness, what did Chiana grab a hold of in The Hidden Memory, hmmmmm?

Rygel: not my tail
Rygel: next

Moderator: <liloleme> to <Moderator>: So what was it like being kissed twice by John Crichton?

Rygel: different species have different hygiene habits
Rygel: i wish his were better
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator>: Rygel...you DO realize that if you lay ONE MORE of your little flippers on Pilot, you'll have a whole cadre of fans waiting to hunt you down....RIGHT????????

Rygel: what is it with this pilot business
Rygel: is it because he cant move
Rygel: what
Rygel: i thought little was supposed to garner love and
Rygel: big made you afraid
Rygel: he does nothing
Rygel: just sits there
Rygel: barely flies the frelling ship
Rygel: and you like him
Rygel: next

Moderator: <babymoya> to <Moderator>: Whom do you prefer to work with, JC or Ben Browder? Whom do *you* think would win a real fight to the death?

Rygel: hmmmm
Rygel: i have to be honest
Rygel: as frelled up as crichton is
Rygel: he is tough
Rygel: he never quits
Rygel: he doesnt have a nice dressing room
Rygel: with food and a gym and females
Rygel: to massage him
Rygel: i think crichton would win
Rygel: next

Moderator: <CrowScape> to <Moderator>: Have you ever met a small, green guy called Yoda?

Rygel: hes a frelling puppet
Rygel: whos screening these questions
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Sojushisan> to <Moderator>: You Eminence - the Friends and Defenders of Pilot extends to you (cautiously) the Spare Arm Of Goodwill. Will you deign to enlighten us as to how you and Pilot plotted to make the escape from the Peacekeepers? Pilot - being the modest soul he is, has asked us to let YOU tell the story!

Rygel: care to guess why
Rygel: wait
Rygel: let me reach to the shift key
Rygel: but it worked out fine
Rygel: i snuck out of the cell
Rygel: overheard a shift detail passing
Rygel: a clearance code
Rygel: then came up with the plan
Rygel: pilot helped a bit
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Olympiafishhead> to <Moderator>: Forgive me your highness..but if Ben has a nice dressing room, a gym and females..who massage him..what then does Claudia have..?

Rygel: she is one of the females
Rygel: and she has her own good things
Rygel: weight trainer
Rygel: nutritionist
Rygel: wardrobe shopper
Rygel: they treat her like a frelling star
Rygel: next

Moderator: <valleyofstags> to <Moderator>: Dominar without peer or equal, how did it feel to at last get the better of Durka?

Rygel: i fear that i will meet him again
Rygel: i choose not to be joyous until he is dead
Rygel: in front of my own eyes
Rygel: next

Moderator: <TracicarT> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, I humbly request a moment of your time so that I might ask a question of you. In a recent photo, depicting you with your unworthy cellmates at about the time those horrid Tavleks abducted you, I noticed one of your loyal subjects hiding behind your barrel. Could this be your loyal (former) server known as John Eccelston?

Rygel: if so
Rygel: he was certainly cowering
Rygel: i must say
Rygel: i have always felt he was beneath me
Rygel: next

Moderator: <MarylandJKoba> to <Moderator>: Your Highness... What do you look for in a Royal Consort

Rygel: willingness
Rygel: next next next next next next

Moderator: <eXceLon> to <Moderator>: Sparky Spanky Buck-Wheat Fluffly the 13th. With your keen and vast knowledge and skill with females, who do you find more attractive. Gilina or Chiana

Rygel: how the hezmana would you like it if someone
Rygel: couldnt remember your name and called you by
Rygel: those which you dont understand
Rygel: but are certain are derogatory
Rygel: gilina was a peacekeeper
Rygel: chiana has at time offered to help me
Rygel: you figure it out
Rygel: next

Moderator: <peck1099> to <Moderator>: Your Royal Highness, we never seem to hear about Hynerion women; what can you tell us of your mother?

Rygel: one more word about my mother
Rygel: i come through your phone line and
Rygel: you are sorry frelling scaper
Rygel: ne
Rygel: xt

Moderator: <Hyperspace> to <Moderator>: When will you take over as executive producer?

Rygel: as if i would want to work
Rygel: besides if those yotzing fools can do a job like that
Rygel: why would i sink so low
Rygel: next

Moderator: <theStreetMime> to <Moderator>: your dominating dominance, how much are you getting for this?

Rygel: i am getting nothing
Rygel: as a matter of fact
Rygel: and they wont like that i tell you this
Rygel: it is part of my contractual obligation
Rygel: i want a gym and a trainer too
Rygel: next

Moderator: <JTMarechal> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, have you snerched ... I mean "procured" ... anything interesting lately?

Rygel: yes
Rygel: however
Rygel: zhaan has successfully treated it with herbs
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Lark> to <Moderator>: OK Sparky--boxers or briefs?

Rygel: neither
Rygel: free and wrapped around the waist
Rygel: next

Moderator: <bgatesvoodoodoll> to <Moderator>: Rygel> How realistic do you feel are the puppets used to portray yourlikeness on the tele?
Moderator: We have just momentarily lost Rygel.
Moderator: We will try to reestablish connection...
Moderator: Sorry...this should only take another moment or two...

Rygel: is anyone there
Rygel: next

Moderator: welcome back, Dominar. we're sorry we lost you.
Moderator: <bgatesvoodoodoll> to <Moderator>: Rygel> How realistic do you feel are the puppets used to portray yourlikeness on the tele?

Rygel: are you getting all your information off the internet
Rygel: i dont know what you're talking about
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Releven> to <Moderator>: Dominar, what do you think of Aeryn and John's relationship?

Rygel: what they do is their own business
Rygel: i simply wish they would leave me out
Rygel: of their fights
Rygel: next

Moderator: <PauLlan> to <Moderator>: Your Exalted Eminence, do you ever have the opportunity to socialize with Sean Masterson?? He seems to be a truly nice guy... :)

Rygel: sean is a prince
Rygel: one of the nicer hoomans i have crossed paths with
Rygel: next

Moderator: <dw-mckim> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, why do you suppose the other shipmates tend to fixate on your shortcomings rather than your strengths? Do you feel you don't get enough recognition?

Rygel: never enough recognition
Rygel: im a dominar
Rygel: as for why they overlook my strengths
Rygel: jealosy
Rygel: much jealosy
Rygel: i am used to it
Rygel: next

Moderator: <GrathOne> to <Moderator>: Does his royal highness do his own stunts, or does he have a stand in

Rygel: i am gracefully more athletic than you can image
Rygel: i have hundreds of children
Rygel: many conceived in positions a hooman body could not achieve
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Ricks8> to <Moderator>: Rygel my main man! Everyone has been really hush-hush about Season 2. But you're a sneaky guy....What can you tell us about next season?

Rygel: i am smarter than the others
Rygel: they finally realize it
Rygel: they agree to take me home first
Rygel: and you will be very happy with how things turn out
Rygel: next

Moderator: excuse me, your eminence, but that doesn't sound like the scripts I've read...
Moderator: are you certain that's what happens?

Rygel: listen smart guy
Rygel: the scripts you read arent the read scripts
Rygel: you think wed let you read the real scripts
Rygel: okay
Rygel: heres something
Rygel: those that you like
Rygel: return
Rygel: some that you dont also
Rygel: dargo will suffer and grow
Rygel: others will feel great pain
Rygel: there will be things that astonish you
Rygel: for a few of them
Rygel: i was so shocked
Rygel: i farted
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Wckbg> to <Moderator>: Would you reclaim your throne, upon finding your homeworld, and how?

Rygel: what do you think
Rygel: once i get there
Rygel: i will kill those who oppose me
Rygel: except my cousin
Rygel: he will be imprisoned and tortured as i have bee
Rygel: i might even ask the peacekeepers to take him for several hundred cycles
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Thrantor> to <Moderator>: Your eninence... How are you adapting to using earther input devices for this chat?

Rygel: i have a legion of those to assist me
Rygel: tim
Rygel: sean
Rygel: graeme
Rygel: matt
Rygel: mario
Rygel: dave
Rygel: lou
Rygel: colin
Rygel: becky
Rygel: liz
Rygel: zoe
Rygel: simon
Rygel: andre
Rygel: and many other loyal servants
Rygel: they attend to my wishes and help me
Rygel: communicate
Rygel: as i am bound to contractually
Rygel: with you
Rygel: at the bottom
Rygel: next

Moderator: <CrowScape> to <Moderator>: So you'd turn your cousin over to the PKs so he can escape too? What are you? Daft?

Rygel: my cousin is nowhere near
Rygel: as clever or adept as i
Rygel: he would perish from weakness of spirit
Rygel: next

Moderator: <riddley> to <Moderator>: Are you as easily fooled and gulible as you have been in the past? Or have you learned from your past mistakes i.e. Namtar, the Tavleks, Crais, etc...

Rygel: excuse me riddley
Rygel: do you own a television
Rygel: i was not fooled
Rygel: i am not listened to
Rygel: if the other would only do as i say
Rygel: things would go smoother
Rygel: next

Moderator: <peck1099> to <Moderator>: Dominar - in the final episode there were heads of Hynerions decorating Crais's quarters; anyone you knew?

Rygel: no
Rygel: but a shameful
Rygel: display of another race and their
Rygel: prejudices
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Lynyrd--> to <Moderator>: - Rygel how long is the life span of one of your Royal lineage ?

Rygel: we live right up until the time we expire
Rygel: next

Moderator: <LordArkon> to <Moderator>: Greetings, Dominar Rygel, rightful sovereign of the Hynerian Empire. I wish to inform you that my people are supplying arms to the resistance against your traitorous cousin, and we would be able to deliver a message. What do you wish to say to those who remain loyal to you?

Rygel: as stated earlier
Rygel: i am not gullible
Rygel: i will not acknowledge
Rygel: nor reveal anything regarding those
Rygel: who may lie in wait for my return
Rygel: if you were to learn anything about the resistence
Rygel: you would be in a position to damage them
Rygel: next
Rygel: are we done yet
Rygel: next

Moderator: I hate to have to remind you, Dominar, but you're contractually obligated to keep chatting.
Moderator: do we need to phone Mr. O'Bannon?

Rygel: you are a frelling problem
Rygel: you are
Rygel: i have been advised
Rygel: that contractually i must remain for another
Rygel: period of time
Rygel: next

Moderator: thank you.
Moderator: <LadyMarisa> to <Moderator>: Your Great Wonderful Exalted Glorious eminence and most excellent Dominar, If you had the ability, would you bring your earthly subjects to hyneria when you regain power? or are we not deserving of such an honor?

Rygel: those that support me are welcome
Rygel: and will be treated with slendor
Rygel: next

Moderator: <BigStupid> to <Moderator>: Rygel, it is said your race numbers in the range of 600 billion. would you say that your race is well adaptive and able to handle the riggers of war, conflicts or of protecting itself? Do your people contribute anything of value or importance to your area of space?

Rygel: i have 600 billion subjects
Rygel: not all are hynerians
Rygel: does it answer your question
Rygel: that many inhabited worlds have
Rygel: been conquered by us
Rygel: or that many other have voluntarily joined
Rygel: in union to help make our empire
Rygel: the most respected in all the universe
Rygel: do you realize that we have been around since before your
Rygel: stinking little planet coelesced and cooled
Rygel: to support your life
Rygel: do you realize that the sounds your listening devices pick
Rygel: up may be the long extinct sound of music
Rygel: my people played since the dawn of time
Rygel: we have contributed more than you ever will
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Cush> to <Moderator>: Just how powerful is the Hynerian Navy?

Rygel: the last answer tells yo
Rygel: we have conquered many worlds and can do so
Rygel: when we choose
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Thinkum> to <Moderator>: If his eminence's empire is the most respected in the universe, why can't he frelling find it?

Rygel: when one is chased
Rygel: through the uncharted territories by a variety of madmen
Rygel: who dont even want me i might add
Rygel: it is difficult to search for the route home
Rygel: besides
Rygel: i am not a navigator
Rygel: i have servants and staff to accomplish
Rygel: those tasks
Rygel: and none of them are with me
Rygel: in case your television set is a very old model and the
Rygel: picture is fuzzy
Rygel: the others aboard moya
Rygel: including lovable pilot
Rygel: are frelling useless
Rygel: next

Moderator: <PallasAthene> to <Moderator>: Your Supreme Eminence, what do the females of your species look like?

Rygel: good
Rygel: very good
Rygel: excellent naked
Rygel: and im not picky
Rygel: next

Moderator: <E> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, Please tell us about your home world.

Rygel: when i think of how beautiful my statues look
Rygel: in the peasant parks
Rygel: i become choked with emotion
Rygel: next

Moderator: <LilPooSis> to <Moderator>: Dominar, Do you trust anyone on Moya?

Rygel: that is a very interesting question
Rygel: you are obviously a hooman of intelligence and
Rygel: stature
Rygel: trust is a transient quality
Rygel: as a ruler i must
Rygel: invest myself with trust in others from time to time
Rygel: zhaan is mostly trustworthy
Rygel: because she's too uncomplicated to betray me
Rygel: pilot is often trustworthy
Rygel: but he is so protective of moya sometimes
Rygel: i lose my appetite
Rygel: i am starting to like crichton
Rygel: but i fear he would betray me in an
Rygel: instant if he got the chance to get something he wanted
Rygel: chiana you don't go near if you want
Rygel: to keep your possessions
Rygel: next

Moderator: We only have a little more of the Dominar's time -- I'm sure he's overdue for a meal or something -- so please send your final questions in now.
Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: Rygel: do you blame Crichton for the fact that Moya is being pursued by all those madmen?

Rygel: yes
Rygel: but to be honest
Rygel: if he hadnt arrived when he did
Rygel: we probably would not have gotten away
Rygel: so i bury the grudge
Rygel: but you are not to tell
Rygel: him that
Rygel: i have enough trouble with him listening to me as it is
Rygel: next

Moderator: <truthseekr> to <Moderator>: Your eminence, just how sensitive are your earbrows?

Rygel: i have heard the work
Rygel: i mean word
Rygel: org ism
Rygel: and believe it equates
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Misfit> to <Moderator>: Rygel, what is up with the spitting? You always seem to spit on the other crew members of moya whenever you are the slightest bit upset. This isn't the least bit hygenic, especially for someone who calls John Chrichton's habits unsanitary

Rygel: i have to make my point
Rygel: i am as physically not their equal
Rygel: as i am mentally their superior
Rygel: next

Moderator: Before you go, I've gotta ask: it's rare that we get a chat guest who's so, well, frank with his opinions. So what's the real story behind those "actors" and "writers" who work on Farscape? Are they a worthwhile bunch or not?

Rygel: the writers are close to useless
Rygel: i have spoken with a leader of farscape
Rygel: sue mill i ken
Rygel: and she says they are always late late late
Rygel: as for the actors
Rygel: you get what you pay for
Rygel: next

Moderator: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator>: Your Eminance, would you prefer a ship of your own, like Talyn, to get your royal self home?

Rygel: phantomcomputer thinks clearly enough
Rygel: to be part of my legion
Rygel: if you can make that happen
Rygel: you will be wealthy beyond your dreams
Rygel: next

Moderator: <E> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, What will you do for your shipmates when you are in power again? Can you get them home?

Rygel: if we were on hyneria
Rygel: i am confident that dargo
Rygel: zhaan
Rygel: and chiana could be returned to wherever
Rygel: they wanted to go
Rygel: i do not know of aeryns wishes
Rygel: and have never heard of erp
Rygel: next

Moderator: <Breearg2000> to <Moderator>: Lord Soverign Ruler Leader Master Lord Eminence Cool Dude of the Universe, do you think Durka looks better with short hair or long? Eye patch or glass eye?

Rygel: you insult me by mocking
Rygel: me with my pain
Rygel: let someone torture you
Rygel: and then let me ask you such a question
Rygel: nedt

Moderator: We're running out of time...last couple of questions:
Moderator: <ceallaig> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, will you ever get a chance to take that human to task for showing such supreme disregard for the sanctity of your sacred name .... I mean, Buckwheat, Sparky,

Rygel: i encourage you to watch the second season
Rygel: i am smiling
Rygel: next

Moderator: <greenhunter> to <Moderator>: why did your species evolve to be so small?

Rygel: you are insulting
Rygel: we have spent much time
Rygel: evolving to be as
Rygel: large as we are now
Rygel: next

Moderator: <babymoya> to <Moderator>: do you think you are well represented in our cyberworld on this side of the universe?

Rygel: i must allow the truth to escape
Rygel: looking past the spots of hostility
Rygel: that occassionly slip past the moderator
Rygel: i sense a glow of servitude and praise
Rygel: from the assembled
Rygel: i did not want to be here
Rygel: i was forced
Rygel: but now that we are near the end
Rygel: i find myself pleased
Rygel: it is gratifying to be reminded
Rygel: that there are those
Rygel: despite who i am forced to journey with
Rygel: who still revere me in the manner i
Rygel: am accustomed
Rygel: i salute you
Rygel: now that i have been connected to hoomans
Rygel: other than crichton
Rygel: i feel i would consent
Rygel: if they offered something i want
Rygel: do participate in this exercise again
Rygel: next

Moderator: and finally:
Moderator: <QuietI> to <Moderator>: Your Highness, do you have any message for your Royal Hynerian Guard, detached division?

Rygel: interesting use of words
Rygel: as i often read the bulletin board
Rygel: i have more than once felt that some of you were
Rygel: detached
Rygel: i graciously bow to your kindness and
Rygel: am honored that you have chosed to spent
Rygel: your valuable time with me
Rygel: i am humbled by you in a way
Rygel: that crichton and aeryn and the others
Rygel: cant do
Rygel: they have not yet found that place within me
Rygel: next

Moderator: Thank you, Dominar, for spending your contractually obligated alotment of time with us. We hope to have you join us again soon, assuming you don't have any greater success negotiating your next contract than you did your last.

Rygel: i have been asked by crichton and the others to say \
Rygel: hello to kieriahn and smushyrectum and the other
Rygel: loyal watchers
Rygel: next

Moderator: We'd like to remind everyone (as if you need reminding) that you can catch two episodes of Farscape this Friday...
Moderator: ...and most Fridays until the season 2 premiere on March 17.

Rygel: need you try to figure who is the star of the season 2 premiere
Rygel: next

Moderator: We shall now make the room unmoderated, so you may directly express your appreciation of the Dominar.