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Chat: Richard Manning

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Chat: Richard Manning

Subject(s): Richard Manning, Farscape Writer/Producer
Dated: June 1, 2000
Source: SciFi.com


Moderator: Can you type, FrooniumRicky??
Moderator: Faster than ever?

FrooniumRicky: Ah, I've been +v'd.

Moderator: FrooniumRicky! White courtesy telephone.
Moderator: Ah!

FrooniumRicky: Jello!

Moderator: Quick note about the drill -- this is a moderated chat so you'll be submitting your questions for Richard Manning to me, Moderator, as private messages. All you have to do to send me a private message is either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" (but without the quotes) on the command line. It's EZ! And so good for you.
Moderator: First question:
Moderator: <ceallaig>: good evening Mr. Manning. I've asked this at several chats and have yet to get a straight answer -- will we EVER find out about John's mother, like is she still alive? If so, it's gonna frell a whole lotta fanfic .....

FrooniumRicky: Good evening, all, and good evening ceallaig! (hope I pronounced that right)
FrooniumRicky: Yes, you WILL find out about Crichton's mother...
FrooniumRicky: In a manner of speaking.

Moderator: <Dabee>: Hi, Richard! Thanks for being with us! Loved Nerve! And Mind the Baby....have you written any of the other eps coming up this season?

FrooniumRicky: Hi, Dabee!
FrooniumRicky: Yup, I've got one more in the pipeline...
FrooniumRicky: It's called "Won't Get Fooled Again" and it's kind of on the slightly bizarre side.
FrooniumRicky: Directed by the phenomenal Rowan Woods.

Moderator: <DaniRoyer>: Mr. Manning, is their any developments in the John/Aeryn relationship coming up?

FrooniumRicky: That is something of an understatement.
FrooniumRicky: There will be developments aplenty...
FrooniumRicky: hopefully enough to keep the 'shippers talking...

Moderator: <jcas> : Will we ever find out anything more about Aeryn's parents?

FrooniumRicky: Not in the near future, no... but down the line, you will.

Moderator: <Stilgar>: Hi Richard, loved your episodes, are you surprised with the reaction Farscape has gotten?

FrooniumRicky: Surprised with *what* reaction? <grin>
FrooniumRicky: I'm glad that folks like it...
FrooniumRicky: also glad that the critics as well have been MOST kind to us...
FrooniumRicky: "Surprised" kinda implies that we DIDN'T think anybody would like it...
FrooniumRicky: But 'tis always nice when people do respond favorably.
FrooniumRicky: (A big THANKS right here to all fans...)

Moderator: <Thinkum>: Toward the end of "Mind the Baby", Crais told Scorpius that he'd killed Crichton -- was this evidence of Crais actually starting to spare some thought for others' well being? Or were you just yanking our chain during your January chat, when you said "...Crais is a sweetie at heart. If he could just get over the dead brother thing, he just might turn out to be a decent bloke. Albeit a decent Peacekeeper bloke."? ;-)

FrooniumRicky: Would I yank your chain?
FrooniumRicky: You could interpret Crais's action a couple of ways, certainly...
FrooniumRicky: MIGHT have been just a shot at Scorpius, hoping to throw Scorpy off track...
FrooniumRicky: Might also have been SOME small attempt to "atone" for his pursuit of Crichton...
FrooniumRicky: Guess we'll just have to see where Crais goes in the remaining episodes...

Moderator: <Riddley>: Sure this Farscape stuff is great, but don't you REALLY wish you could go back to writing for TekWar? Or Beyond Reality? ;)

FrooniumRicky: LOL!
FrooniumRicky: I had tons of fun on both those shows...
FrooniumRicky: But I'm having tons of fun here as well!
FrooniumRicky: Besides, this pays better.

Moderator: <Misfit> : Richard, is there any relation between Kevin Copeland (Rokon in "Jeremiah Chrichton") and Roger Cross (Joshua in "First Wave")?

FrooniumRicky: (Exposing my ignorance here...)
FrooniumRicky: I have never SEEN a "First Wave," so I don't even know who Joshua is... sorry...

Moderator: <TracicarT>: Good evening Mr. Manning - nice of you to take a turn in the "comfy chair" <grin>. There are so many wonderful words that are unique to Farscape (my Farscape lexicon is about to overtake my entire fan site) - is one writer in charge of all the slang, or does each individual come up with words as the need arises?

FrooniumRicky: Hi, Traci! (Still awake?) We all contribute as we go along...
FrooniumRicky: We do have a pool of favorites, of course, that get the most use, but
FrooniumRicky: now and then one of us'll feel the need to toss out a new one.

Moderator: <Qarc>: Mr. Manning, could you give us a little background on just how a script goes from proposal to production...

FrooniumRicky: I'll try to keep it relatively simple, but there is no ONE way...
FrooniumRicky: Generally, one of us has a thought, we all kick it around...
FrooniumRicky: At some point, as Woody Allen said in "Annie Hall", the concept turns into a premise and then into an idea...
FrooniumRicky: Eventually, once we've agreed on the general story ("Chiana's upset over brother's death, goes down to graveyard planet, becomes a thrillseeker; Crichton/Aeryn have to stop her from killing herself")...
FrooniumRicky: ...some lucky writer (in the case above, the Mighty Monj -- HAIL MONJO!)
FrooniumRicky: goes off and works out a general outline, which the rest of the staff then helps flesh out.
FrooniumRicky: Eventually the writer zooms off to teleplay, gets notes from everybody, revises teleplay, gets more notes, revises teleplay (repeat a dozen times)...
FrooniumRicky: And on it goes.

Moderator: <Kieriahn>: Helloooo Richard! Is there any particular character you find easier to "get inside their head" and write (uh...not including Scorpy, of course...) ;)

FrooniumRicky: Hi, Kierahn! (Your site's STILL among the Very Best.) Go ahead and include Scorpy...
FrooniumRicky: I had the privilege of introducing his character in "Nerve," and I really enjoy writing for him.
FrooniumRicky: Everyone on the show's fun to write, of course, because everyone's so Different...

Moderator: You still there, Ricky??

FrooniumRicky: And the actors are all so in tune with their characters that We Writers have the extra fun of "hearing" the lines in our heads as we write 'em...
FrooniumRicky: ...that glee of saying to ourselves "I just KNOW Ben's gonna KILL with this line..." "I can't wait until Claudia throws THIS line back in his face"... etc.

Moderator: <truthseekr>: When creating the "Creature of the Week" for Farscape, how much of the way an Alien ends up looking is attributable to your (the writer's) initial vision?

FrooniumRicky: Gooooooood question!
FrooniumRicky: Because there isn't an easy answer.
FrooniumRicky: Usually the writer will come up with a GENERAL concept for the alien...
FrooniumRicky: i.e., We need a Big Fearsome Beast, or a Small Cute Thing, or whatever it may be...
FrooniumRicky: And then Dave Elsey and the rest of the Creature Shop geniuses will come back to us with something truly outstanding, based on that vague concept.
FrooniumRicky: The truly fun part is that the process often goes back and forth...
FrooniumRicky: Creature Shop, f'rinstance, will say "you know, we could give this character tentacles that MOVE..."
FrooniumRicky: And the writers say "Oh, COOL, we can USE that; instead of the alien SHOOTING so-and-so in act three, the alien can use the tentacles to shock/sting/whatever..."
FrooniumRicky: The collaboration is marvelous.

Moderator: <voodoo-man>: Mr. Manning, I remember how the sci-fi channel was touting Farscape as "the most cinematic television series" (or something along those lines). Are there any plans to continue the series in that direction? If it expands enough, would there be a possibility of a movie?

FrooniumRicky: There is indeed the possibility...
FrooniumRicky: There aren't any real-live honest-to-God PLANS yet (that I'm aware of), but certainly it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Moderator: <valleyofstags> : Hey Richard! Are there any storylines which were considered too "risky" to put on the air?

FrooniumRicky: Nope.
FrooniumRicky: Sci Fi Channel has been extremely supportive.
FrooniumRicky: We have yet to hear "oh, no, you can't do THAT story."
FrooniumRicky: (Perhaps there have been one or two that they SHOULD'VE said that... <grin>)

Moderator: <Dabee>: Richard, coould you give us a little of your background? How you came to be an exec. producer (what that means!) and writer for Farscape..etc....Thanks!

FrooniumRicky: Boring resume follows... good chance for the rest of you to use the bathroom...
FrooniumRicky: I went to USC film school 'way back when (just AFTER Lucas)...
FrooniumRicky: Got out, wrote spec scripts, wrote more spec scripts, continue for 8 years...
FrooniumRicky: Finally made a freelance sale with then-partner Hans Beimler...
FrooniumRicky: That led to our landing a job on the writing staff of FAME...
FrooniumRicky: Which led to other writing staff jobs...
FrooniumRicky: including STAR TREK: NEXT GEN...
FrooniumRicky: Hans and I then created a little show called BEYOND REALITY...
FrooniumRicky: also ran the series version of TEKWAR...
FrooniumRicky: Then went our separate ways -- he jetted off to DEEP SPACE NINE...
FrooniumRicky: I did a short stint on MISSION GENESIS...
FrooniumRicky: (for which I apologize)...
FrooniumRicky: And wound up on FARSCAPE.

Moderator: From FAME to scif? We want transition:
Moderator: <LtCommanderLewis> : Hi Mr. Manning. First I just wanted to say thanks for hooking me on this show, second, how did you start writing scifi?

FrooniumRicky: First, you're welcome! Second, I've always been a sf (an sf?) fan...
FrooniumRicky: Grew up on Asimov and Heinlein and Clarke and original TREK...
FrooniumRicky: So I jumped at the chance to pitch to NEXT GEN when the opportunity arose...
FrooniumRicky: (by the way, 'twas on NEXT GEN that I met David "The Man" Kemper!)
FrooniumRicky: And, of course, in Hollywood, once you do Something in a genre, you tend to stay there.
FrooniumRicky: (Hans and I also pitched to sitcoms before we made our first sale. If HOUSE CALLS had bought one of our pitches -- and we were SO close to a sale! -- I'd probably be working on a sitcom today.)

Moderator: <CyberWolf>: hiya.. I loved learning more about Pilot, are we gonna see any more information about his race? Like how they are associated with Leviathians?

FrooniumRicky: Down the line, certainly, but no huge plans at present.

Moderator: <BoreasZephir>: Richard, The characters on farscape are some of the most well developed characters I have seen on any scifi show ever, the fact that you acomplished this by the end of your first season is amazing, my question is, how far in advance do you plan little "quirks" in the characters' profiels in order to keep continuity (for instance Zahn's being a plant) do you find it dificult to keep this continuity? thanks!

FrooniumRicky: It Depends.
FrooniumRicky: Some stuff is indeed "planted" (sorry) far in advance, but an equal amount just pops up as we go along.
FrooniumRicky: We do "retcon" now and then if a cool new idea comes to us and makes it worth it...
FrooniumRicky: Other times, we'll toss something in that we MIGHT pay off later...
FrooniumRicky: Sometimes we do, other times we just let it sit there, like money in the bank,
FrooniumRicky: knowing we can always come back and revisit it IF a story idea makes it worthwhile.

Moderator: <PhantomComputer>: Mr. Manning, what is your favorite scene from Farscape.. that ended up on the cutting room floor?

FrooniumRicky: Very good question.
FrooniumRicky: (which means "I gotta THINK about that one... lemme stall for a second and collect my thoughts...")
FrooniumRicky: There was a nice little D'Argo/Chiana scene in "Mind the Baby" that we had to lose simply for lack of time...
FrooniumRicky: One of their early flirts.
FrooniumRicky: And my mind has gone completely blank, so I'll stop there.

Moderator: This question is popular!
Moderator: <Ooshati> to <Moderator>: Good Evening. When will Crais (and hopefully Talyn) come back?
Moderator: <passionsfool>: Sorry if this has been asked... Any plans for Crais and Talyn?

FrooniumRicky: Soooooooon.
FrooniumRicky: Loads of plans.
FrooniumRicky: We didn't build that lovely Talyn Bridge set for nothin'...
FrooniumRicky: And you don't think we'd let a terrific actor like Lani Tupu out of our clutches for TOO long, do you?

Moderator: <UCSBdad>: Traditional question from UCSBdad, Please, please, please, Exactly what did Aeryn say to Alien Dad in A Human Reaction? Er, want a tall, cold one?

FrooniumRicky: LOL!
FrooniumRicky: I'm trying to recall if the Great Monj (HAIL MONJO!) wrote actual dialog for that or not.
FrooniumRicky: He may have written the lines in English just so Claudia knew (generally) what it was she was SUPPOSED to be saying when she did her Sebacean-speak.
FrooniumRicky: But I can't give you the definitive answer; sorry.
FrooniumRicky: Bug Monjo when he does HIS next chat!

Moderator: <truthseekr>: Hey Ricky! What Really REVS your Froonium? (watcha like to do outside of Farscape)

FrooniumRicky: "Outside" of Farscape?
FrooniumRicky: I'm sorry; I don't know what you mean by "outside" of Farscape.
FrooniumRicky: Does this have something to do with that other alien phrase I've heard used... "spare time"?
FrooniumRicky: I USED to read books...

Moderator: <MarylandJKoba>: Ricky, everything on Farscape is so creative and original. Have you (the producers) sent anything in for Emmy consideration yet?

FrooniumRicky: Yes, we have, in most all categories...
FrooniumRicky: Cross fingers!

Moderator: <BoreasZephir>: Richard What is the most satisfying part of the work you do on farscape? What is the most Frusterating?

FrooniumRicky: I wouldn't be true to the spirit of television writers everywhere if I didn't respond "the money."
FrooniumRicky: Nonetheless... the SECOND most satisfying part is, simply, Seeing One's Words Improved.
FrooniumRicky: I know it sounds like Hollywood dren when we TV types start thanking people and praising our co-workers endlessly...
FrooniumRicky: But, at least on Farscape, We Mean It!

Moderator: Nah. It's just Emmys practice!

FrooniumRicky: Our cast, our crew, everyone does such a FANTASTIC job...
FrooniumRicky: That's the biggest gratification.
FrooniumRicky: The most frustrating is when it DOESN'T happen...
FrooniumRicky: (happily, rare on this show)
FrooniumRicky: ...when you know what you WANT it to look like, and (for whatever reason -- including that You The Writer just plain screwed it up) it just isn't there.

Moderator: <Bart>: Hey Rick, Have any of the actors approached any of the writers about story ideas?

FrooniumRicky: They certainly have!
FrooniumRicky: Our door is always open.
FrooniumRicky: Especially when we've gone to lunch.

Moderator: <Elflore>: Is there a "grand plan" for Farscape, a long-term direction in which the series is heading? Or just smaller character arcs?

FrooniumRicky: Yes.
FrooniumRicky: (sorry)
FrooniumRicky: Long-term direction? Well... not in the Babylon 5 sense.
FrooniumRicky: We have some vague general notions...
FrooniumRicky: But nothing's set in stone.
FrooniumRicky: We're letting the characters kinda tell us where THEY want to go...
FrooniumRicky: Keeping things loose so we can explore whatever cool new idea strikes our fancy.

Moderator: <B-S-O-D>: good evening, I just wanted to ask, if things are going to continually getting darker, over the last season, the mood has been getting heavier and heavier, and the plot lines darker. Is this just the tip of the iceberg or are things going to lighten up again soon

FrooniumRicky: We have been getting darker, 'tis true...
FrooniumRicky: But there are some lighter shows coming up in the mix as well.
FrooniumRicky: We like 'em both.
FrooniumRicky: Still, Crichton's going through a LOT of stuff this season...
FrooniumRicky: Has to get worse before it gets better.
FrooniumRicky: Ditto the Crichton/Aeryn relationship...
FrooniumRicky: We hope we don't get TOO existential on you, though.

Moderator: <Dabee>: Have you ever been tempted to go in front of the camera? What a hoot it would be to become an alien or something, and get to speak the words you wrote yourself!

* FrooniumRicky shudders at the thought... *
FrooniumRicky: My delightful spouse, looking over my shoulder, generously chimes in that I wouldn't even need any makeup.
FrooniumRicky: Kids -- learn from this. Stay single.

Moderator: Buy that woman a diamond!

FrooniumRicky: I did. With a turntable and everything.
FrooniumRicky: Actually, I have near-zero desire to get in front of the camera.
FrooniumRicky: I'll stay safely invisible back here.
FrooniumRicky: And leave acting to the PROS.
FrooniumRicky: <massive sighs of relief from audience and cast alike>

Moderator: <Badnasser>: Can you tell us anything about future episodes? How far in advance are you creating episodes?

FrooniumRicky: I CAN, of course, but...
FrooniumRicky: David would have me killed.
* FrooniumRicky blames the boss! *
FrooniumRicky: We're just now beginning to shoot episode 22 of season two (yay!)...
FrooniumRicky: A quick visit by the entire writing staff to the Betty Ford Clinic (or fine Australian equivalent) and we'll begin pondering the joys of season three.

Moderator: And our final question of the night -- and when you think about it, really, there ARE no other questions:
Moderator: <BoreasZephir>: Richard, Do you ever find it dificult to Draw the line between Our Reality, and the Farscape Reality?

FrooniumRicky: Actually, I find that my job is to locate that admittedly fine line...
FrooniumRicky: and erase it.

Moderator: We've reached the end of the hour!

FrooniumRicky: (Moderator's clock is fast!)

Moderator: How many minutes does your big hand and little hand say?

FrooniumRicky: 6:54p in Los Angeles.

Moderator: I'll accept that challenge!
Moderator: Here's another q:
Moderator: <Xeddicus> to <Moderator>: Hey, thanks for being here. I would like to know (and I'm sure alot of others would too) who decides on what order the episodes air in and what factors go into the decision to air some out of order?

FrooniumRicky: Ultimately, airing order is the network's decision...
FrooniumRicky: We do have input as well...
FrooniumRicky: Still, we can't vary the order TOO much from the order in which they're shot, 'cause of post-production and other time constraints.
FrooniumRicky: Sometimes, however, we'll swap a couple of eps in post-prod if we feel (and the network agrees) 'tis better that way.

Moderator: <Kieriahn>: Richard, do you have any special plans during the hiatus? Working on the "Great American Novel" or mixing with the fans in August? <eg>

FrooniumRicky: Mixing what? Margaritas?
FrooniumRicky: I'm all for it.
FrooniumRicky: I think that during the month of July, I'm going to... sleep.
FrooniumRicky: I hear there's some gathering going on in August, though.
FrooniumRicky: Maybe I'll get invited.
FrooniumRicky: Are there any Farscape groupies?

Moderator: And here's another take at the evening's final question:
Moderator: <DreamSpinner>: Sorry, but in the interest of chat tradition.... boxers or briefs? ;-)

FrooniumRicky: Briefs.
FrooniumRicky: And (let me check)...
FrooniumRicky: Yes!
FrooniumRicky: Reasonably clean ones!
FrooniumRicky: I'm all set in case there's an auto accident.
FrooniumRicky: I think Our Mod clocked out at 7p.
FrooniumRicky: Thanks for coming, all, and drive safely.
FrooniumRicky: Remember to tip your server.
FrooniumRicky: Remember to Hail Monjo!

Moderator2: That was weird!

FrooniumRicky: I'll now do my Amazing Carnac impression.

Moderator2: I got disconnected!

FrooniumRicky: And answer questions before they're asked.

Moderator2: I'm ba---a-aack!

FrooniumRicky: Fifty-three.
FrooniumRicky: Definitely.
FrooniumRicky: Sometimes.
FrooniumRicky: She dies in a supernova.
FrooniumRicky: We discover he's actually gay.

Moderator2: Ricky, you're having FUN, right?

FrooniumRicky: It's entirely computer graphics.

Moderator2: Do you want to stick around longer?

FrooniumRicky: I'm good for a tad more.

Moderator2: If so, I will turn the mike over to my friend Bouncer!
Moderator2: Bouncer, meet Ricky!

* Bouncer waves to Ricky. *

* FrooniumRicky decides against the first response that came to mind. *

Moderator2: Friends and fans in the audience, please submit those private messages for Richard Manning to Bouncer!

* FrooniumRicky waves back instead. *

Bouncer: so, anybody got questions for our guest?

* Moderator2 tiptoes out *

Bouncer: *Ooshati* Whatever happened to Zhaan's superspeed?

FrooniumRicky: Oooh, good one.
FrooniumRicky: Tell you the truth, I think we just plain forgot about it.
FrooniumRicky: Maybe it only works while spirit-painting.

Bouncer: *MegL* Mr. Manning, do you heard anything about upcoming U.S. DVD releases, or anything more on a soundtrack album?

FrooniumRicky: Haven't heard a thing except rumors that DVDs (US region 1) are due this summer. Heard nothing whatsoever re soundtrack.
FrooniumRicky: I have the first 2 sets of UK DVDs and they are lovely indeed.

Bouncer: *MaKeever* Will the US DVDs include the missing scenes that the Brits see on their version, but are deleted in US airings (I suppose due to commercial time)?

FrooniumRicky: That, I don't know.

Bouncer: *AutumnH* Thanks for chatting with us! Recently there was a post on the bulletin board about Moya's size. Do you have a definite size for her (in levels, chambers, or in relation to something here on Erp) or is it not really defined and you just add areas as needed?
Bouncer: make it as long an aswer as possible -- there's a delivery guy at my door with dinner.
Bouncer: ;)

FrooniumRicky: What's for dinner?
FrooniumRicky: I imagine the CGI folks must know "exactly" how big Moya is --
FrooniumRicky: But I sure don't!
FrooniumRicky: It's never really come up, other than "plenty darned big."
FrooniumRicky: In our minds, there's lots and lots of levels we've never seen (and probably that our characters haven't seen either)...
FrooniumRicky: We will be seeing a BIT more of her in upcoming eps...
FrooniumRicky: More of Talyn, too, but not for a while yet.

Bouncer: (I'm back, you can quit stalling now. cheeseburger deluxe, thanks for asking)
Bouncer: lol
Bouncer: *Elflore* Are there any upcoming eps that shippers in particular should look forward to? (Not that we don't look forward to all of 'em, of course.)

FrooniumRicky: (now I'm getting hungry)
FrooniumRicky: OOOOhhh, yeah.
FrooniumRicky: There's a little epic entitled "Look at the Princess" by David "Boom Boom" Kemper himself...
FrooniumRicky: Where more than ONE relationship on Moya undergoes a bit of a change.

Bouncer: *Gmmas* Why did Talyn choose Crais? And who is really in charge?

FrooniumRicky: Two Good Questions. My view: Talyn's a Peacekeeper-bred gunship.
FrooniumRicky: He'd naturally choose a PK Captain, a strong father figure.
FrooniumRicky: With the neural interface, Crais is "in control" of Talyn...
FrooniumRicky: But let's not forget Aeryn's words: "You cannot command a Leviathan, you can only persuade."
FrooniumRicky: We have yet to see whether Crais will be able to command Talyn for very long...

Bouncer: I've got one for you.

FrooniumRicky: No onions, double chili.

Bouncer: Preface: is it fair to say you're the "keeper of the continuity, the Farscape universe's coherence?"

FrooniumRicky: Me? Good heavens, no.

Bouncer: Why I'm asking is: I really want to know who's responsible for losing Stark.

FrooniumRicky: I put in my 2 cents, as do everyone else.
FrooniumRicky: Stark who?
FrooniumRicky: Oh, HIM.
FrooniumRicky: He's not lost.
FrooniumRicky: We simply decided not to bore you with explanations of what happened to him.
FrooniumRicky: (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)
FrooniumRicky: Well... okay.
FrooniumRicky: WE SCREWED UP!
FrooniumRicky: We did have a line in "Bone to be Wild" covering Stark's having moved on, but somewhere along the line it got lost.
FrooniumRicky: I take full responsibility.

Bouncer: Thank you.
Bouncer: *Badnasser* Can you tell us why the 1st episode from season 2 was pulled? (ReUNion) also, is it true that that episode was renamed to Dream a Little Dream?

FrooniumRicky: It was felt that we shouldn't keep our loyal fans hanging for an extra week on what happened to poor D'Argo and Crichton, so we decided to head straight into "Mind the Baby".
FrooniumRicky: The ep was indeed retitled for reasons that may become apparent when you see it...
FrooniumRicky: ..."Re: Union" didn't seem an appropriate title given its new place in the lineup.

Bouncer: *PhantomComputer* Hi there, RM... Would it ever be considered to move to a major network if Farscape became more popular than Star Trek? And, if so, how far could the series change.. but still keep its identity?

FrooniumRicky: If Farscape became more popular than Star Trek, do you think the Sci Fi Channel would LET us go anywhere else? <grin>
FrooniumRicky: We're quite happy on Sci Fi... as I said 'way back when, they're supportive to the max...
FrooniumRicky: I'm not sure a "major network" would let us MAKE the same show you're now (one hopes) enjoying.
FrooniumRicky: I can't imagine having to "water down" the series for someone else's tastes...
FrooniumRicky: And I'm sure you can't, either!

Bouncer: *DaniRoyer* A question from my mom: Where the titles of the individual "Look at the Princess" episodes inspired from Humphry Bogart [sp?] movies? Or is it a big coincidense?

FrooniumRicky: Hi, DaniRoyer's Mom!
FrooniumRicky: I've had a brain freeze and can't even remember what they ARE at the moment...
FrooniumRicky: Lessee... "I Do, I Think"... that's not a Bogart movie that pops to my mind...
FrooniumRicky: (but then, nothing IS popping to my mind at the moment...)
FrooniumRicky: Hang on a second whilst I go jog my memory.
FrooniumRicky: (Talk quietly amongst yourselves.)

Bouncer: *Gmmas* A Kiss is but a kiss is one; another is the Maltese Crichton
Bouncer: And while you're waiting:
Bouncer: For those who are asking, Dream a Little Dream will air soon. See http://www.scifi.com/schedulebot/ for details.

FrooniumRicky: Oh. (duh!) Thanks. Yeah, I suspect David took a bit of inspiration from two wonderful Bogart films there.
FrooniumRicky: As you may've noticed from the titles of other eps, we're certainly not above "borrowing" a title here and there...
FrooniumRicky: or, worse yet, punning on a title.
FrooniumRicky: (Applause to the first person who can tell me whence I nicked the title "Won't Get Fooled Again"...)

Bouncer: first one in was: *PyeCat* the Who

FrooniumRicky: PyeCat wins!
FrooniumRicky: "Mind the Baby", however, was (as far as I know) original (okay, semi-original... if I stole it, I didn't do so Consciously).
FrooniumRicky: "Nerve" is actually the title of Dick Francis's first novel (my wife's a Dick Francis fan), but it seemed appropriate, so I grabbed it.
FrooniumRicky: This is getting pretty obscure, so I'll move on.

Bouncer: We've now turned the corner on the 90 minute mark. Can you stick around for a few more questions?

FrooniumRicky: Sure.

Bouncer: Well, while on the subject: *RhayleRihannsu* Why aren't the titles listed on the show when it airs?

FrooniumRicky: Quite simply, we decided not to, way back at the start of the show.
FrooniumRicky: Just a question of preference.
FrooniumRicky: At the time, we didn't quite realize that in this Internet & ScheduleBot era, everyone would know the titles ANYWAY...
FrooniumRicky: (elsewise, we might've put a BIT more thought into a few of 'em... I mean, "DNA Mad Scientist"?! "PK Tech Girl"?)
FrooniumRicky: However, as we started without onscreen titles, it'd seem a bit goofy to suddenly start slamming 'em on...

Bouncer: *stargatetravler1* We heard from Justin that you wrote a very wild (crazy) ep. (either 14 or 15 depending on air date). Just how wild is it, and how much fun was it to do?

FrooniumRicky: That would be "Won't Get Fooled Again" and it is extreeeeeemely wild. I had a blast, Rowan Woods had a blast, the cast had a blast and a half. How Wild Is It, you ask?
FrooniumRicky: (trying to find a good non-spoiler tease...)
FrooniumRicky: (nope, I don't have one.)
FrooniumRicky: Let's just say... it's very wild.

Bouncer: *MegL* Another question :-) Since Farscape's premier in Australia (on May 20th), have you heard whether the feed back for the show has been good or not?

FrooniumRicky: (Oh. Rygel smokes a cigar. That's how wild.)
FrooniumRicky: Sorry, MegL.
FrooniumRicky: Actually, I returned to L.A. just before the Australian premiere -- my first "furlough" of the season, but I'll be back in lovely Sydney next week...
FrooniumRicky: So I missed the local premiere. But I'm told the ratings were VERY good and the critical response was likewise.
FrooniumRicky: I'm glad the Australians finally get to see and enjoy the show they've worked so hard upon!

Bouncer: a pair for you:
Bouncer: *dionisio* Will Scorpius be back any time soon? Will that bone eating alien come around?
Bouncer: *Ooshati* Will the Nebari pop up this season?

FrooniumRicky: Oh, you can count on Scorpius...
FrooniumRicky: He's not letting Crichton off THAT easily.
FrooniumRicky: As for M'Lee and the Nebari...
FrooniumRicky: You will see at least one of 'em.

Bouncer: *TracicarT* I know you've cruised by Kieriahn's amazing site (one of my personal favs, along with TGUT) - any other favorite sites? And please, please, please - do you know if anyone ever peeks in at alt.tv.farscape (inquiring Usenet minds want to know <eg>)?

FrooniumRicky: Lemme pull up my bookmarks... good Lord, there's 66 Farscape bookmarks here!
FrooniumRicky: I see James's, daarksun, TGUT natch, Zhaan's World, Clark's page, Actresses in Character, Pilot's Console, Karl's Farscape-2...
FrooniumRicky: that's just for starters. Apologies to those I've left out.
FrooniumRicky: I'm sure SOMEONE peeks in on alt.tv.farscape, don't they? ;

Bouncer: Since we've already had two "final" questions, I thought we'd wrap up with a final comment:
Bouncer: *Enigmatic-Scully* I just wanted to let Ricky know, that we have had such a great time talking with him, that we decided to start our own fan society dedicated to him, the Manning-kins! So now, not only can fans proclaim HAIL MONJO! But HAIL MANNING!! LOL

FrooniumRicky: I'm, well, speechless.
FrooniumRicky: I hope Monj isn't too mortified.
FrooniumRicky: This is by far the greatest honor that I've received
FrooniumRicky: all day.

Bouncer: Any final words from the group before we go unmoderated?
Bouncer: FOR the group, sorry.

FrooniumRicky: Remember one simple piece of wisdom that I have never known to fail:
FrooniumRicky: "When the string is long, the pig is late."
FrooniumRicky: Thanks for coming, thanks for watching, thanks for the tough questions, and hope you keep enjoying the series!

Bouncer: Well, before the floodgates open, let me thank you for spending time in our humble chat room tonight. Your welcome any time.
Bouncer: And to everyone else, there are a TON of Farscape chats coming from now through September.
Bouncer: We're trying to confirm someone I know you all want to talk to, hopefully for two weeks from tonight.
Bouncer: Keep checking the website for details.
Bouncer: and an all-original summer of Farscape begins June 16 (I think that's the date)

scifigrrl: Thanks Richard! (aka FrooniumRicky)...maybe I'll become frooniumgrrl :) lol You've been wonderful!
Enigmatic-Scully: WOO HOO!!! Thanks Ricky!!!!
Calliope: Hail MANNING!! ;) Thanks for a wicked good chat Ricky! It was a blast! ;)
TracicarT: Thanks so much Mr Manning, Bouncer & Moderator, for another excellent chat!!!
Hermione: Thank You so much for taking the time to Chat with us and THANKS for a GREAT SHOW.
AutumnH: Thanks Mr. Manning and please consider this an official invitation to ScaperCon 2000 in St. Louis! (official contacts at www.scaper.com) and THANK YOU!!
Kieriahn: Thank you Richard!!!! Drop by my site anytime -- I'll try to keep it current (AND accurate!)