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Chat: David Kemper & Ben Browder

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Chat: David Kemper & Ben Browder

Subject(s): David Kemper, Farscape Writer/Producer
& Ben Browder, Farscape Actor/Writer
Dated: 12 November 2000
Source: UK Sci-Fi Channel


Moderator: Welcome to the Farscape web chat, and a big hello to our guests Ben Browder and David Kemper. For the next hour you will be able to ask them questions on FARSCAPE...
Moderator: Wibble: What do you each think makes Farscape so different from the other SF shows that have come before?

David Kemper: B -- Haven't read it yet. Will soon.
David Kemper: I'll tackle, first--

Ben Browder: First... welcome everyone
Ben Browder: thanks for coming

David Kemper: The core difference between Farscape and all the other
David Kemper: shows before it starts in the head of creator Rockne S. O'Bannon.

Moderator: Pegasus3: A question to Ben - What were your expectations when you got the role of John Crichton?

David Kemper: He always wanted to do a show that was at once "real"
David Kemper: while also being wild, adventurous, and unafraid of convention.
David Kemper: We labour daily to fulfil that mandate and to push the boundaries by letting our character

Ben Browder: Let's deal with one question at a time

David Kemper: behave as real individuals, with faults, desires and dreams... not all of them good.
David Kemper: Go ahead (GA)

Ben Browder: My expectations... none
Ben Browder: My hopes... many
Ben Browder: I hoped that Farscape would be different
Ben Browder: and believe that it is
Ben Browder: we have a creed
Ben Browder: better to fail gloriously
Ben Browder: ... sometimes we do
Ben Browder: ... sometimes it works

Moderator: Pegasus3: How much feedback do you get from the different places of the world where the show is being aired? (Hi from Germany, btw...)

Ben Browder: I think that that is what the audience responds to.
Ben Browder: I could be wrong
Ben Browder: And David will tell you I often am.

David Kemper: The feedback we get is mostly positive, and we use it to see where we're clicking and where we aren't.

Ben Browder: feel free to jump in on me Dave

David Kemper: Do we have another Q?

Moderator: Caged_bat_of_MyStErY: You're getting to work with some very talented actors in the show, you all seem to have knitted as quite a team, is there ever friction on the sets that causes family tiffs?

Ben Browder: ...
Ben Browder: We fight like cats and dogs

David Kemper: I hate Ben, if that's what you mean!

Ben Browder: Rygel is an ego maniac
Ben Browder: Pilot is nice
Ben Browder: but he is putting on weight
Ben Browder: the caterers are so good
Ben Browder: we'll have to build him another den

Moderator: Neo's: Question to Ben - If you had the chance to meet anyone past or present - (1) who would it be and why (2) what question would you ask them?

David Kemper: The real answer is: We're just like any other workplace. Sometimes passions run high, especially when we're all trying to work fast in a creative environment.

Ben Browder: We have a superb group of people
Ben Browder: Very talented yet very down to earth
Ben Browder: with the hours we work... we would be killing each other if it were otherwise
Ben Browder: could you repeat the last Q?

Moderator: Neo's: Question to Ben - If you had the chance to meet anyone past or present - (1) who would it be and why (2) what question would you ask them?

Ben Browder: wow
Ben Browder: tough question
Ben Browder: how about Cleopatra
Ben Browder: for Dinner

Moderator: SpeedIN_1: "How many white T-shirts did u pack on the shuttle?"

Ben Browder: ask her out for a date... see if the rumours are true
Ben Browder: LOL
Ben Browder: T-shirts
Ben Browder: Just one I think

Moderator: Ugh!

Ben Browder: But there are any number of commerce planets
Ben Browder: and T-shirts are really cheap in the uncharted territories
Ben Browder: ga... go ahead

Moderator: Sorry with you in a mo...

David Kemper: Awaiting a question, Moderator.

Ben Browder: I believe our moderator is in Chat hell

Moderator: Wibble: Question for BEN - What's it like talking to Latex Puppets?

Ben Browder: It's a childhood fantasy fulfilled
Ben Browder: It's actually more like talking to David

David Kemper: Hey -- does everybody in the U.K know that Ben is writing a script for us for the third season about to go into production.

Ben Browder: Rygel is David by extension
Ben Browder: Dominar of the UC
Ben Browder: Talking to the puppets is probably going to ruin me in some way
Ben Browder: But you do find yourself chatting with them between takes
Ben Browder: "Cup of Tea?"
Ben Browder: things like that
Ben Browder: most of the chit chat is pretty shallow with latex personalities
Ben Browder: ga
Ben Browder: ga = go ahead... next question

Moderator: SimonLondon: Do you realise you
Moderator: Sorry

Ben Browder: I don't
Ben Browder: what?!!!??

Moderator: SimonLondon: Do you realise you have a huge gay following in the UK?

David Kemper: I apologize, but for the last how-every-long, I have seen nothing cross my screen. It does appear, however, that they have just solved the problem. Kemper is back.

Ben Browder: did not know that

David Kemper: I would assume that
David Kemper: gays as well as everyone else
David Kemper: are watching for the same reasons.

Ben Browder: Is D'argo big as well?

David Kemper: Am I correct?

Ben Browder: must be the leather?
Ben Browder: I dig the fact that anyone likes the show
Ben Browder: could care less about their sexuality or politics

Moderator: Sorry having a few technical hitches here!

Ben Browder: we make the show to tell STORIES
Ben Browder: next question

Moderator: SurfWidow: Ben have you been doing any cameo appearances in your time off?

Ben Browder: I've been working only on Farscape... as David can tell you

David Kemper: Ben was on a U.S. comedy program, "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher awhile ago.

Ben Browder: have virtually NOT stopped working on it/for it since we began over two years ago
Ben Browder: well... I did do that
Ben Browder: but that was one afternoon
Ben Browder: Farscape is a full time obsession
Ben Browder: next question...

Moderator: Cerell: Do you have any idea of where in the season Ben's scripted episode will show up?

Ben Browder: David?

David Kemper: Somewhere in the first third of the season.

Moderator: I think David is having a few problems - we're on the case...

Ben Browder: season three

Moderator: SurfWidow: Ben, have you been recognized in public in the U.S. due to Farscape?

Ben Browder: I've been working on it all weekend
Ben Browder: Only on occasions
Ben Browder: Airports
Ben Browder: for some reason... I get recognized in Airports
Ben Browder: on the street it has not happened too often

Moderator: ed: Is Rygel as much of a sex god off screen as he is on?!

Ben Browder: but I have spent little time stateside the past two years
Ben Browder: More so
Ben Browder: he's a horrible flirt
Ben Browder: the extras have to fight the little rubber fella off

Moderator: Bless!

Ben Browder: I must say... he does score big with a certain class of woman

Moderator: scotsman62: I'd like to ask, how long does one episode of Farscape take to make?

Ben Browder: and like I said... David is really Ryge;

David Kemper: On the set

Ben Browder: Shooting lasts a minimum of 10 days

David Kemper: it takes us 100 hours-plus of shooting.
David Kemper: From the inception of the idea until the show is actually

Ben Browder: post production can last for months

David Kemper: ready to air, the time from is roughly 6 months.

Ben Browder: ga

Moderator: ga indeed!

Ben Browder: ga... GO AHEAD
Ben Browder: gotta be a cultural thing

Moderator: Nope - technical!

David Kemper: Anyone have any questions that go to the core of the series? Character? Plotlines? Direction of the series as a whole? Let's try to get a little deeper if we can. Ben and I are ready to deal!

Moderator: Sorry - with you in a mo

Ben Browder: like I said Chat hell
Ben Browder: we've all been there
Ben Browder: This is the story of my life... waiting
Ben Browder: we do a lot of that on set

Moderator: Pegasus3: David how many episodes have you already written/prepared when you start filming?

Ben Browder: David never stops writing...
Ben Browder: we get rewrites after we've shot scenes

David Kemper: Once again, I am NOT seeing the questions that the Moderator is posting. A bit in the dark here in L.A.

Ben Browder: David.. the q was ... how many scripts are ready before we star shooting
Ben Browder: start

David Kemper: Scripts?
David Kemper: We don't use them.
David Kemper: But seriously --

Ben Browder: yeah... those things you are supposed to write

David Kemper: There are usually about half-dozen as we roll cameras
David Kemper: We like to leave it fluid so we can react
David Kemper: to what the characters and moments bring.
David Kemper: If we see something (or someone, in the case of guest characters)

Ben Browder: WE will be adjusting up to the very last take

David Kemper: that we like, we'll adjust and include them/it in upcoming stories.

Ben Browder: it's part of what makes the show different

Moderator: Naron: Did Ben or David have any interest in SF prior to Farscape?

David Kemper: It's fluid and makes a better show, but also drives the writers crazy -- most notably
David Kemper: Ricky Manning and Justin Monjo.

Ben Browder: I'm a bit of a scifi geek
Ben Browder: first book... the Hobbit
Ben Browder: last book... A Deepness in the Sky... V Vinge
Ben Browder: plus any movie with "weird stuff"

David Kemper: Moderator -- I am still not seeing your questions! Ben, can you please help with translations?

Moderator: Sorry David - hang in there!

Ben Browder: It's Cultural David... the Brits do not talk as loud as we do?

Moderator: WHAT!!!
Moderator: mihas: is there plans for a motion picture of Farscape?

Ben Browder: you can spot the Yank... two cars away on the underground by the sound of his voice
Ben Browder: David... any FS movies in the works?
Ben Browder: I've heard rumours...

David Kemper: Rock and I are working on a story. The trick is to find the time to squeeze in a major
David Kemper: motion picture while we're frantically shooting the series. But keep the faith!
David Kemper: gas

Ben Browder: Plus... getting Tom cruise to play Crichton has been holding you up.

Moderator: Dark: did anything embarrassing happen while filming the show?

Ben Browder: Ep 14 season 1.

David Kemper: Embarrassing? Ben?
David Kemper: OOOOooooooo! Touch man.

Ben Browder: any scene where the writers spice it up with those words....
Ben Browder: "He is naked"

Moderator: pokehater: have you ever considered giving Farscape more of a story arc?

Ben Browder: Farscape has a story arc

David Kemper: MORE?!

Ben Browder: it's just not ALL it has

David Kemper: The whole series is one giant arc that has the characters
David Kemper: growing and learning and changing on a week to week basis.

Ben Browder: there are long arc bits seeded in almost every episode

Moderator: Sorry about the delay here - so many users the server is a bit slow!

Ben Browder: I take that back.... In EVERY episode
Ben Browder: many users... that's a good thing
Ben Browder: The writers have stuff from season one... that was seeded... that we have yet to pay off on
Ben Browder: but the show is not designed to totally lose the new viewer

Moderator: VelvetGlove: A question to Ben: in the episode where you all swapped bodies
Moderator: who did you enjoy playing the most & why

Ben Browder: Rygel
Ben Browder: cause he's such a nasty person
Ben Browder: now... if I could really swap bodies
Ben Browder: I'd go with Aeryn... Hands down

David Kemper: Careful, Ben--
David Kemper: Careful with the hands, Ben.

Ben Browder: glad you caught that

Moderator: Jules: The story lines are amazing how do you come up with such original ideas?

Ben Browder: you're smarter than you look

David Kemper: I don't look smart...

Ben Browder: David Drinks

David Kemper: Stories?

Ben Browder: He makes the writers drink

David Kemper: Some are truly original and come from the minds of Rockne
David Kemper: and the other writers.
David Kemper: Others are "riffs" on classic stories
David Kemper: that we labo(u)r mightily to
David Kemper: give a Farscape-twist.
David Kemper: Our goal is to get you thinking, "Aha --
David Kemper: I know where this is going."

Ben Browder: we should call it the farscape..Torture

David Kemper: And then, we want to switch-up on you!

Ben Browder: we Tortured that story...

Moderator: Agape - Do you feel Farscape has achieved a new way at looking at science fiction?

David Kemper: We DO NOT torture stories. We only torture actors.
David Kemper: Truthfully? No.
David Kemper: If you read the classic stories, they deal
David Kemper: with the "reality" of the situation in depth.

Ben Browder: We really just do classic story telling

David Kemper: That is what we try to do.
David Kemper: Now, on the screen?...

Ben Browder: it's all in execution...

David Kemper: We push the genre closer to a truthful grittiness than many of
David Kemper: our predecessors.
David Kemper: But, that's what we're trying to do.

Moderator: ChaoticDreamer: Howdy David, have you ever thought of doing some acting yourself?

David Kemper: It's what made Rockne so excited by the show, and all of the writers have fallen in with that way of thinking.

Ben Browder: I want him to...

David Kemper: Hey, ChaoticDreamer.

Ben Browder: I want David Kemper on the set....

David Kemper: Are you mad?!
David Kemper: If I did that, then all the other actors would have an

Ben Browder: in prosthetics

David Kemper: opening to tell me, "See how hard it is, you X**X%!!ZXX** moron?"

Ben Browder: hitting his mark and saying the words

David Kemper: I prefer to stay "ignorant" and ask them all to do the impossible week after week.

Ben Browder: I would never presume to tell you anything David
Ben Browder: hehehehe

David Kemper: David has just fallen off his chair.

Ben Browder: David and I have a "healthy" relationship
Ben Browder: he just doesn't see it that way

David Kemper: He's telling the truth. Ben is one of my very best friends. Over the years, we have
David Kemper: grown extremely close in pursuit of our common goal.

Ben Browder: David... our gay friends our listening
Ben Browder: don't go soft on me now

Moderator: Cush: How are the aliens designed?

David Kemper: You are so asking for trouble out in cyberspace!

Moderator: Does Creature Shop come up with ideas based on the writers description, characteristics?

Ben Browder: The man is a slave driver

David Kemper: Alien Design:
David Kemper: We start with an idea.

Ben Browder: then hand it to lunatics

David Kemper: Then, we run it past Dave Elsey (head of the Creature Shop in Oz) and
David Kemper: his talented team.

Ben Browder: read... lunatics

David Kemper: Dave designs a beastie to go with the story we're creating, careful

Ben Browder: Dave Elsey is a Brit ya know

David Kemper: to include the elements we need to pull off the plot points.

Moderator: jtbethel: are you expecting to add further full time characters, if so, give hint

David Kemper: Oh, now...
David Kemper: If we told you everything, then

Ben Browder: Well.... we have to replace the one's we're killing don't we?

David Kemper: you wouldn't want to tune in and watch.

Moderator: kingbing question for Ben: how do you feel about the changes to Crichton's character?

David Kemper: Let me just say that we're a "fluid" show --
David Kemper: we don't stand still
David Kemper: and that means characters come and go all the time!

Ben Browder: David... how do you feel about the change in Crichton?
Ben Browder: I like the fact that he has changed
Ben Browder: so many characters on TV never do

Moderator: Koey: How many seasons is Farscape set to run for?

Ben Browder: It's a sign that the show and show runners are doing something right...I think

David Kemper: Crichton has evolved because Ben is evolving in the character. A lot of what we do is keyed off of where he leads the ensemble.
David Kemper: We don't know how long the series will run.

Ben Browder: two?

David Kemper: I'd like to think 5-7 years, if you all keep watching.

Ben Browder: LOL
Ben Browder: SEVEN???

Moderator: Sounds good to us!

Ben Browder: oh... wait... Crichton will be so DEAD by then

Moderator: Agape Do you feel Farscape has achieved

David Kemper: By the time 7 years comes around, Ben Browder will be SOOOO beat up!

Moderator: a new way at looking at science fiction?

Ben Browder: I'll be dead by then

David Kemper: Didn't we already answer that question?

Ben Browder: David will be dead by then.

David Kemper: For sure.

Ben Browder: next question

Moderator: on its way

Ben Browder: snail mail

Moderator: Leepee Is Aaron anything like her character in real life?

David Kemper: Moderator, whenever it is we get to the end, I'd like to say something to the fans before you open the room to chaos.

Moderator: no prob!

David Kemper: "Aeryn"\
David Kemper: Actors create characters.

Ben Browder: Aeryn like Claudia?

David Kemper: However, their creations spring partially from a place inside.

Ben Browder: Claude is actually sexier

David Kemper: In some respects, Claudia and Aeryn necessarily overlap.

Ben Browder: smarter
Ben Browder: and tougher

David Kemper: When we see the areas an actor likes to explore or deal with, we
David Kemper: try very hard to write to their strengths.

Moderator: liam: Where did the idea for a living starship come from?

David Kemper: In that regard, we're very fortunate. All of our people (including in a huge way, Ben and Claudia) have those characteristics.

Ben Browder: Where did we steal that one David?

David Kemper: Rockne S. O'Bannon came up with idea that

Ben Browder: the living Starship...

David Kemper: Moya was a living ship.
David Kemper: And not just
David Kemper: living, but one capable of "reproducing!"

Moderator: Spacefish: have you tried to tackle any of the stereotypes
Moderator: of the traditional sci-fi show?

David Kemper: We tackle them every week
David Kemper: however
David Kemper: we like to turn them on their ear and
David Kemper: kick them once hard in the arse.

Ben Browder: We torture the stereotype ... every week
Ben Browder: We should coin a phrase...

Moderator: Yodaclone: Were the mythological elements to the show (ie comparisons to Ulysee's journey)

Ben Browder: "the Farscape treatment."

Moderator: intentional, or accidental? (George Lucas says he owes a lot to this kind of archetypical storytelling)

David Kemper: I think
David Kemper: any time you delve into something this grand,
David Kemper: you have to touch on the mythic.
David Kemper: Rockne wanted the series
David Kemper: to be larger than life and at the same
David Kemper: time, very real and accessible.

Moderator: YenRug: Request for Ben: Can you tell Claudia that Pitch Black has just opened in the UK cinemas!

Ben Browder: Will do.
Ben Browder: next

Moderator: Vexzil: Did you ever expect the series to be so popular and , in my opinion, become a serious rival to Star Trek?

David Kemper: We ALWAYS expected the series to be "different."

Ben Browder: Expect... no

David Kemper: It's what Rockne and myself and Ben always wanted.

Ben Browder: Hope... sure

Moderator: Sentinel: If the voices of the puppets are added later, have you met the actors who do the talking?

David Kemper: Then, we HOPED that there were others out there who shared our craving for "different."

Ben Browder: That and we want to be wildly rich and famous
Ben Browder: David especially

David Kemper: Rygel, Pilot and the others
David Kemper: are hugely sophisticated "ANIMATRONIC" creations of the creature shop.
David Kemper: State-of-the-art, and verrrrry expensive.

Ben Browder: I know all the actors who regularly voice those characters

Moderator: RonniePc: For Mr Kemper : How do you find writers who can keep the story exciting without getting too weird?

David Kemper: I find weird writers.
David Kemper: I know that sounds like a joke -- but it's not.

Ben Browder: that's not a joke

David Kemper: We try to surprise each other daily. If we do, then we know we'll surprise you1

Ben Browder: our writers are weird and wonderful
Ben Browder: one has to sit in the writers meetings to appreciate how weird they are

Moderator: pauls: Would either of you like to direct?

Ben Browder: yes... but,

David Kemper: Directing is a fantastic
David Kemper: job, however, if either of us were

Ben Browder: it would be almost impossible on Farscape

David Kemper: to take the helm for an episode, we'd be taking a job
David Kemper: from one of our very good Aussie friends
David Kemper: who I'm certain can do a better job of it
David Kemper: than we ever could.

Ben Browder: our current Jobs are all consuming and our current directors are too frelling good.

Moderator: mr: do you believe in extra terrestrial life?

David Kemper: Do I?
David Kemper: I have to agree with Carl Sagan's analysis
David Kemper: of the situation.

Ben Browder: David is Extra terrestrial life.

David Kemper: How can there be trillions and trillions and star, most of which

Ben Browder: Either that or he works for the pentagon

David Kemper: will probably have planets of some kind. And how can we believe
David Kemper: that the ingredients forming the "soup" of life would only happen here?

Ben Browder: Yes... It's out there.

David Kemper: I mean, we already know there was once water on Mars, as well as

Moderator: Just a few more questions then we have to say goodbye...

David Kemper: frozen water on many of the moons farther out in our own solar system.

Moderator: ChaoticDreamer: David and Ben, you both have wicked senses of humour
Moderator: (in a good way) how has this shown up on the set?

David Kemper: Ben says funny things.

Ben Browder: David and I are both boring introverts

David Kemper: Also, we try to play the odd practical joke on each other.

Ben Browder: other people write things for us

David Kemper: For instance, every week, I send Ben another script that has him getting his arse kicked.

Ben Browder: the secret to success... is to have someone else do the hard work

David Kemper: Stuff like that.
David Kemper: But really, the whole tone of the show is fun because

Ben Browder: WE HAVE FUN

David Kemper: everyone around us has the same twisted, warped sense of humour.
David Kemper: The Aussies are fantastically funny and dry. They make it all work, and we two Yanks
David Kemper: (along with Ricky Manning) just try to hang on for the ride.

Moderator: AutumnH: For David, what would you say are the biggest challenges you are facing going into season 3? And thanks for being here!

David Kemper: And thank you.
David Kemper: The biggest challenges:
David Kemper: Scripts
David Kemper: Good scripts
David Kemper: Keeping the moments fresh, inventive and exciting.

Ben Browder: better scripts?

David Kemper: Keeping everyone from getting so tired that we "drop" moments
David Kemper: and miss things.

Ben Browder: we never drop stuff

David Kemper: And most important of all--

Ben Browder: we choose to be mysterious

David Kemper: Continue to foster and environment where we can all have fun and enjoy ourselves
David Kemper: throughout the course of the long months ahead.

Ben Browder: amen
Ben Browder: AMEN

Moderator: Adriana: David, which kind of scenes do you enjoy most writing? -- Ben, which kinds of scenes do you enjoy most acting?

Ben Browder: I like the difficult ones

David Kemper: I like the scenes that delve into the characters
David Kemper: true feelings.
David Kemper: The things they would prefer to keep hidden.

Ben Browder: the ones that scare the bejesus out of an actor

David Kemper: I like to watch as the layers we all

Ben Browder: the ones where you say... How are we gonna do THAT?

David Kemper: paste over ourselves slide away to reveal the true individual beneath.
David Kemper: Sometimes, that can
David Kemper: be painful, other times rewarding.
David Kemper: But it is ALWAYS illuminating.

Moderator: zaph!: Hi I have a question for Ben - Now that he has seen himself as an old man how has that made him feel about his old age?

Ben Browder: And I love a scene with a really good Joke in it.
Ben Browder: I'm not THAT old!!!
Ben Browder: am I?
Ben Browder: Look...
Ben Browder: that was weird.
Ben Browder: What struck me most
Ben Browder: was the way other people treated me
Ben Browder: for the most part they seem to shy away from older people

David Kemper: That day -- with Ben looking like he did -- made it okay for him to forget things and gave an excuse for him taking more bathroom breaks than usual.

Ben Browder: I guess the trick to growing old is to not see yourself through other peoples eyes

Moderator: Mk2000: I would like to ask Ben how he feels his acting ability has progressed
Moderator: since beginning Farscape, due to the many character roles he has played throughout the series

Ben Browder: I did get away with some rude behaviour
Ben Browder: progress...
Ben Browder: I don't know
Ben Browder: I've always liked the "CHARACTER" stuff
Ben Browder: must be my English training
Ben Browder: playing the usual Hollywood part...
Ben Browder: the way they want it...
Ben Browder: I was never brilliant at...

David Kemper: Ben has always been a great actor, in my opinion. Where he has improved revolves around his willingness to be absolutely fearless. This, as I spoke of earlier, is a trait that the man himself brings to us, and we have accepted that part of him and worked very hard to push him to the brink.

Moderator: H9: Ben - If you were not playing the part of Crichton, which other character would you like to portray any why? And, how would you like Crichton to progress?

Ben Browder: Crichton is in Kempers hands

David Kemper: CAREFUL with the hands again.

Ben Browder: I don't presume to anything other than live in the writers stories
Ben Browder: I DO... react to WHAT they write.

David Kemper: And, of course, this year, writing one himself that he'll then have to live in (and with) forever!

Ben Browder: as to other roles....
Ben Browder: send me a script... my mind is on Farscape at the moment.

Moderator: Last few questions...

Moderator: Blue_Dragon: what's been the hardest episode to make?

David Kemper: Whooo. They're all tough. Ben?

Ben Browder: The next one
Ben Browder: always the next one

David Kemper: If pressed, from a script point-of-view, I'd say "Out of Their Minds." From a production point-of-view, I'd say the

Ben Browder: That was easy...

David Kemper: huge four-part arc (upcoming) that ends the second season.

Moderator: LogicBomb: In the episodes where Scorpion causes John to go fruity...it reminds me of 60s series The Prisoner...is it intentional, and a sign of things to come?

David Kemper: Wait
David Kemper: Are you actually SEEING Scorpius?
David Kemper: He's only a voice we put in.
David Kemper: If you're seeing him,

Ben Browder: John goes Fruity... Farscape "the Fruity" Generation

David Kemper: then you should NOT be drinking
David Kemper: before turning the show on.

Moderator: Last question...
Moderator: BritAngie: John Crichton was fortunate to take a few things with him from earth when he got stranded. If you were both stranded in the Uncharted territories what 3 things would you take with you?

David Kemper: Okay, a moment of thought...

Ben Browder: Charlie's Angels
Ben Browder: Larry Curly and Moe?

David Kemper: 1) A comfortable pair of shoes.

Ben Browder: shoes?

David Kemper: You're always complaining!

Ben Browder: A frickin Mustang convertible
Ben Browder: old style

David Kemper: Still thinking...

Ben Browder: how about... A huge winnebago... with satellite dish

David Kemper: 2) The biggest tank of fresh water I could find.

Ben Browder: BEER
Ben Browder: take some BEER

David Kemper: 3) And then...

Ben Browder: sheesh... he's so serious

David Kemper: Charlie's Angels.

Ben Browder: yes!!!!!

Moderator: Thank you for taking part - especially David and Ben - thanks for visiting Sci-Fi UK!
Moderator: Final words from our guests?

David Kemper: Ben? You or me first?

Ben Browder: me
Ben Browder: me
Ben Browder: me
Ben Browder: Thanks for coming
Ben Browder: thanks for watching
Ben Browder: I'll thank you again
Ben Browder: so David has time to prepare
Ben Browder: an appropriately witty
Ben Browder: yet touching

David Kemper: Say when...

Ben Browder: and perfectly spelled
Ben Browder: sentiment
Ben Browder: that says how much
Ben Browder: we
Ben Browder: want
Ben Browder: to thank you for watching our show
Ben Browder: thanks
Ben Browder: DAVID...

David Kemper: We exist because of you. Once you stop watching, we're cancelled and all of us then will say goodbye to each other and move on to separate projects.
David Kemper: We so enjoy what we're doing
David Kemper: that we sometimes forget we owe it to you.
David Kemper: As long as we (the audience and the people who make the show)
David Kemper: stay in a rhythm with each other, we'll
David Kemper: be able to keep enjoying each others' company.
David Kemper: To that, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also...
David Kemper: I have a request...
David Kemper: We want to know who you are. This year,
David Kemper: we will be adding to our "Viewer's Wall."
David Kemper: Here's how you can participate...
David Kemper: Send us a picture of you and yours...
David Kemper: Address it either to the production in Sydney, or the Jim Henson
David Kemper: Company in Los Angeles.
David Kemper: But THIS on the outside
David Kemper: of the envelope:
David Kemper: Please forward to David Kemper in the Production Office.
David Kemper: We will then put your picture up on the wall.
David Kemper: Now...
David Kemper: If there's an episode
David Kemper: in the future where Crichton ends up on earth,
David Kemper: he may end up in front of this wall, and perhaps...
David Kemper: PERHAPS...
David Kemper: some of these photos will end up in a Farscape episode.
David Kemper: Make sure to put a return
David Kemper: address or contact number,
David Kemper: as we'll need to get you to sign a release before your picture
David Kemper: can be included.
David Kemper: No guarantees, but you never know. Besides--
David Kemper: You know what WE look like. Let us see what YOU look like.
David Kemper: My best to you all.
David Kemper: So very wonderful
David Kemper: to have so many fans in the glorious U.K.!

Ben Browder: Night Ya'll

David Kemper: Goodnight, all!!!!! Thanks for coming! See you on the next chat.
David Kemper: GA -- over and out

Moderator: Thanks & g'night from Sci-Fi!