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Production No. 203

Best Viewed As 2.2

Aired As
2.2 (US & UK)

Original Airdates
24 Mar 2000 (US)
19 Jun 2000 (UK)

1.5 (US)
2.03 (UK)

Vitas Mortis
Abbreviations: VM
Alternate Titles: (none)

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Writer: Grant McAloon
Director: Tony Tilse
Melissa Jaffer.............Nilaam (old)
Anna Lise Philips..........Nilaam (young)
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Evidently, Leviathans don't get laugh lines.

John, Zhaan, and D'Argo encounter Nilaam, a dying Luxan Orican. D'Argo agrees to assist her with a ritual of passing, but instead Nilaam draws on his strength to regenerate herself as a young woman. Only, instead of D'Argo's strength, she inadvertantly uses Moya's -- transforming Moya into a prematurely geriatric Leviathan, and trapping Chiana, who is stuck (literally) when Moya's amnexus fluids solidify as a symptom of the ship's aging. John figures out the problem, but D'Argo has become enamoured of the new Nilaam, and is unwilling to face the situation.


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John: "Take a number, have a seat, no magazines...typical. [servant returns] Number 78?"

A common method of managing large groups of customers in the U.S. is to give each of them a number as they enter the premises, then serve each in turn by calling out the numbers in sequence.

John: "So, you...uh...you got the barcodes of a General, but you aren't one."

While barcodes are used for many different purposes, John is probably thinking of UPC codes, which are unique by specific product and package.

John: "So, let's get back to Moya and heat up some Irish coffees."

Irish coffee is a combination of Irish whiskey and hot, sweetened coffee, topped with cream.

John: "So, if she wants to rip out your liver, snack on it with a chianti, she can do that?"

Another reference (see "Durka Returns") to Dr. Hannibal "the Cannibal" Lecter, from THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS:

"A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti."

Translator Microbe Report

Amnexus fluid liquid from Moya's amnexus system, used by the crew to wash clothes
Amnexus solidification a symptom of old age in a Leviathan
Crandak a strong substance: "Your butt must be made out of reinforced crandak."
Frog lips Chiana's nickname for Rygel
Hydric system component of Moya that fails on a number of tiers after Nilaam's transformation
Orican holy woman revered by all Luxans
Otec lamp bowl of flame used to ward off evil (Luxan)
Ritual of Renewal Orican ritual that restores youth and vitality by drawing life energy from another being
Sluice chamber room on Moya where the crew does their laundry in amnexus fluid
Tevex scrolls an Orican's reference manuscripts
Toad face Chiana's nickname for Rygel



Comments from Cast & Crew

Claudia Black ("ChickwithGun") & Anthony Simcoe ("Ploppy"), July 28, 1999

  • Moderator: : Can you guys tell us any hints about things to come in the series?

    Ploppy: We find out about the tattoos in series 2 as well as the whole "General" D'Argo story

David Kemper (& Ben Browder), September 23, 1999

  • Moderator: <nolram> to <Moderator> Will we see any other Luxan Warriors you might challenge D'argo for some sort of Luxan ritual?

    DavidKemper: I can reveal that another Luxan will be seen early next year in a script written by Grant McAloon. However, you will hopefully be surprised by
    DavidKemper: what you find when you get there.

Richard Manning & Andrew Prowse, January 6, 2000

  • Moderator: ok, riddle me this: will we ever see another Luxan, one without a big giant head?

    Ricky: And you WILL see another Luxan...

    Andrew: how many do you want??

Farscape Wrap Day Extravaganza, July 26, 2001

  • Moderator2: <AnnieBW> to <Moderator2>: So, how did Crichton manage to find all of that hair gel in the Uncharted Territories? Or was it the "Something About Aeryn" hair gel?

    SheldonWade: That was actually my hair-styling in Season 2 - I've now moved onto other characters. I'm now doing Jool.

  • Moderator: <CrystalMoon> to <Moderator>: Claudia, Do you have any say in costume or hairstyle for Aeryn? Any preference for a certain look?

    ChickWithGun: I am very in sync with terry ryan. i alway love what he comes up with but he always asks for my opinion. i have as much input as i want. they trust that i understand more than most, what is best for the character where makeup and costume is concerned. sometimes i have designed things so that they will suit the way i work on set. or in ways that will help the sound dept.i designed the vest with the two-way zippers...