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Black, Claudia

Officer Aeryn Sun (Main Cast)

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 11 October 1972 (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

There has been much debate in various venues concerning her actual birth year; the IMDb currently lists 1972, while other sources have cited both 1963 and 1973. She herself has consistently declined to give an answer as to her birth year - when asked about her birth date she simply replies, "October 11."

Claudia was a finalist in the 1990 Globe Shakespeare competition. She also trained professionally as a jazz and classical singer.

Significant time spent in New Zealand and Europe is reflected in her non-localized accent.

She loves Lucky Charms breakfast cereal, and her addiction to chocolate is legendary.

Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)

Other Credits

Television: BeastMaster; City Life; A Country Practice; G.P.; Good Guys Bad Guys; Hercules: The Legendary Journeys; Steel Angel Kurumi; Police Rescue; Seven Deadly Sins; Water Rats; Xena: Warrior Princess
Film: Amazon High; Good Fruit; Pitch Black; Queen of the Damned
Theater: Little Women; Loose Ends; The Merchant of Venice [European tour]; Pick Ups; Portrait of Dorian Gray; Spotlight on Women; The World Knot
Other: Farscape: The Game [videogame]; Lords of Everquest [videogame]

Non-Farscape Images

As Sharon 'Shazza' Montgomery in the film "Pitch Black" (2000).

As Beth Williams in the television series, "Water Rats" (episode 2.47, 'All At Sea').

As Huna in the television series, "The Beastmaster" (episode 2.13, 'Wild Child').

Contact Information

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