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Cropper, Linda

Fento - 216
Xhalax Sun - 307, 310, 312, 317

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Birthday: unknown

Other Credits

Television: Body Surfer; Bordertown; Children of the Dragon; Cyclone Tracy; Edens Lost; Five Mile Creek; The Hostages; Melba; My Husband My Killer; Palace of Dreams; The Private War of Lucinda Smith; Return to Jupiter; Ring of Scorpio; Water Rats; White Collar Blue
Film: Blackrock; Envy; Going Sane; Little White Lies; Passion; The Perfectionist; The Seventh Floor; Teesh and Trude; With or Without You
Theater: -
Other: The Listening Room [radio]

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As Charlie Driscoll in the television series "Water Rats" (1999-2000).

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not available