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Tammy McIntosh

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MacIntosh, Tammy

Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis (Recurring Cast)

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 18 February 1970 (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)

Note: Some sources list her birthday as the 19th rather than the 18th. Some also indicate she was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Excerpted from Farscape: The Official Magazine, Issue 4:

Tammy MacIntosh started her show business career as a gymnast and dancer. "I was dancing on a television show for a while, and six months after that finished, the producer called me and said. 'There is a national children's programme called Cmon Kids that shoots live at four o'clock every day. They would like to see you about hosting the programme.' So I got this job as a kids' TV host.

"A while later, my agent called and said, 'Look, there's an acting audition for a mini-series called jackeroo...' I auditioned and the producer, the director and the actor who were there all wrote me letters saying, 'You were fantastic.' It was my first ever acting audition in my life. But then the casting director said to me, 'Look, if you had any technical experience would cast you, but I cannot afford to teach you while we're shooting this mini-series. So therefore The Flying Doctors would like to have you if you're interested. And I said, 'OK!"

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; The Big Schmooze; Bingles; The Feds: Betrayal; The Flying Doctors; Good Guys Bad Guys; Grass Roots; Jeopardy; McLeod's Daughters; Police Rescue; Wildside
Film: Better Than Sex; Police Rescue; River Street; Whipping Boy
Theater: Sydney Theatre Company: Private Lives; Melbourne Theatre Company: Shark Fin Soup
Other: -

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Promotional photo

As 'Girl F' in the film, "Better Than Sex" (2000).

Contact Information

RGM, PO Box 128, Surry Hills 2010