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Sandra Michelle Gore

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Gore, Sandy

Judge - 201
Vreena - 418, 419
Muoma - Mini part 1, Mini part 2

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 28 June 1950 (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

Other Credits

Television: Brides of Christ; Cash and Company; Chances; The Clean Machine; A Country Practice; Division 4; Dust or Polish; The Flying Doctors; Grass Roots; Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left; Homicide; The Link Men; Mumbo Jumbo; Murder Call; Newlyweds; Prisoner: Cell Block H; Quality of Mercy; Remember Me; Twenty Good Years
Film: The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style; Access Code; A Cry in the Dark; Dead Easy; Evil Angels; Grievous Bodily Harm; Grim; I Can't Get Started; Lorenzo's Oil; Luigi's Ladies; Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior; Mimi Goes To The Analyst; Minnamurra; Moving Out; Night of Shadows; Norman Loves Rose; Outback; Paws; Petersen; Street Hero; That Lady From Peking; Undercover
Theater: Amy's View; Antony And Cleopatra; Chasing The Dragon; Daylight Saving; Extremeties; Gift Of The Gorgon; A Happy And Holy Occasion; Medea; The Normal Heart; Les Parents Terrible; Pillars Of Society; Sons Of Cain; Wit
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