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Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Into the Lion's Den 2)

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Production No. 321

Best Viewed As 3.21

Aired As
3.21 (US & UK)

Original Airdates
19 Apr 2002 (US)
28 Jan 2002 (UK)

1.2 (US)

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Into the Lion's Den 2)
Abbreviations: WISC, ITLD.2
Alternate Titles: (none)

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Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon
Director: Rowan Woods
Tammy MacIntosh............Jool
David Franklin.............Lt. Braca
Marta Dusseldorp...........Officer Yal Henta
Danny Adcock...............Co-Kura Strappa
Lenore Smith...............Lt. Darinta Larell
Sheridan Rynne.............Unspecified
Ross Sharp.................Unspecified
Terrence Hepburn...........Unspecified
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"It's never just Science."

Scorpius, growing more desperate by the minute, hopes to force John's hand by threatening Earth. Unable to lead the Peacekeeper scientists' research astray, John rallies the crew to help him destroy the Carrier itself -- and discovers that Crais' allegiances are not at all what he expected.


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Farscape World
Terra Firma


John [chuckling]: "Awww, Grasshopper, you're so screwed."

...continuing the KUNG FU reference described in the previous entry.

Aeryn: "But if Grayza's going to stop the experiment in a few days, then we have already succeeded."
John: "No, Scorpius is in Captain Queeg mode. Somebody's stolen his strawberries, and he's not going to let his pet project die."

Captain Queeg is the martinet character in Herman Wouk's novel and stage play THE CAINE MUTINY, made into a film in 1954, starring Humphrey Bogart as Queeg.

In the story, a quart of strawberries disappearing from the ship's mess is the point of no return that eventually leads to the mutiny onboard the Caine.

John [to Co-Kura Strappa]: "Yo, Harrison. Get your shoes on. We're goin' on a little trip to my module."

This is reportedly a private in-joke by writer Rockne O'Bannon, and not a pop culture reference.

John: "What? You worried that if I turn to Silly Putty so do you? Why don't you come with me? C'mon, Grasshopper, come with me. [...]"

Silly Putty is a silicone-based polymer discovered by James Wright in the 1940s while trying to develop a rubber substitute. No practical use was ever found for it, but a marketing consultant, Peter Hodgson, saw its potential as a toy, and in 1950, "Silly Putty" was born, becoming a sensation.

John: "Hunh? Whattya think?"
Scorpius: "This is without description, John."
John: "It's a real Kodak moment."

In 1888, George Eastman created the first portable camera using film in a roll, which he called the Kodak Box Camera, and the Eastman Kodak Company has been one of the leaders in photographic equipment and film ever since. "A Kodak moment" was an advertising slogan used to describe moments worthy of preserving on film.

Scorpius: "What is causing this, John?"
John: "Flyin' through wormholes ain't like dustin' crops, farmboy. It takes a little finesse."

A paraphrase of Han Solo's famous line to Luke Skywalker in STAR WARS, "Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dustin' crops, boy."

John: "You haven't got your wormhole legs yet. Don't worry, first time is the worst."

A variation of the phrase "sea legs", referring to the ability of sailors to walk steadily in rough seas.

The shots of the water pouring down the stairs, around Scorpius, are an homage to TITANIC, though they don't match any specific scene in that film.

John: "Tell me...Gandhi...you still goin' after Earth?"
Scorpius: "To what purpose? [...]"

John is ironically referring to Mohandas ("Mahatma") Ghandi, the Indian political and spiritual leader who lived and preached a program of non-violent protest as a means of reform.

Translator Microbe Report

Commandant Cleavage Crichton's nickname for Grayza
Executive Order if signed while the approver is still in command, it must be honored by High Command (Peacekeeper)
Fifth level coupling anomalies a portion of the wormhole equations that Crichton's subconscious is able to solve
Ghandi Crichton's nickname for Scorpius
Harrison Crichton's nickname for Co-Kura
Jenset idiomatic equivalent of god: "Oh, my Jenset, look what you've done!"
Life pod lifeboat on a space-faring vessel
Restorative Chamber a cold sauna, equipped with griletto mist (Peacekeeper)
Walteran fountain an apparently high-volume water feature: "The equations -- they're flowing from you like a Walteran fountain."



Comments from Cast & Crew

Farscape Wrap Day Extravaganza, July 26, 2001

  • Moderator: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator>: Ricky, What are the titles of the last 4 eps?

    FrooniumRicky: 319, 320, 321, 322
    FrooniumRicky: truthfully, we haven't even locked titles down for half of 'me
    FrooniumRicky: 'em, rather